Best Practices - Code of Conduct

Be the type of person you would want to play with.

Most importantly, have fun!

Respect Peoples Time

Be at the course 20-30 minutes before your tee time to pay and warm up.

Social Distance

Keep a distance of at least 2 arms lengths (approximately 2 meters) from others, as much as possible, including parking lot, pro shop, etc.

Silence is Golden

Whenever someone is playing a shot near you, it's best to keep quiet and stand dead still.

Don't Lose Your Temper

Don't swear and shout after every bad shot. Don't kill the vibe. Everyone's out there for fun so let's keep it fun for everyone.

Keeping The Pace

On the starting tee, the player must not place the ball until it is their turn. Players should not stand near or behind the ball or the hole when another player is about to play. Once all the players have sunk their putts, move on quickly.

Respect Other Players

Don’t hit if people in front are reachable. For PAR 3 or lower, you should wait for people in front to clear the green before you tee off. For PAR 4 and higher, you can tee off when they are on the green.

Care of the Bunkers

Before leaving a bunker, players should smooth over all footprints (use a rare if available). Player must execute the kick without taking a step or running, with non-kicking foot planted next to the ball.

During a Round

A player must not execute a practice shot during the game. Likewise, between holes the player must not execute a practice shot.


The ball used to play FootGolf is the regulation number 5 ball used for soccer. We recommend players to bring two ball in case one gets damaged or unplayable of play (e.g., in the water).

Unplayable Ball

A ball that has stayed stuck in a tree, bush or plant, floating on the water is considered "mandatory unplayable" and therefore, is not in direct contact with the ground. If ball is unplayable, the player must:

  • Drop the ball 2 meters from its position; OR,
  • Drop the ball behind the point where the ball is resting, OR
  • Return to the location of the previous kick.

Lost Ball

If a player believes that their ball went missing while playing a hole (e.g. in a water obstacle or outside the course), they can replace it with a provisional ball in order to save time.

The Player has three minutes to recover the lost ball, if it does not happen in this time; the player is required to play with the replacement or provisional ball. If this is not possible, the group should move forward with the play, and the player should re-join the group after the ball is recovered or wave through the group behind. This should not slow down groups behind.

Riding and Pull Carts

Riding carts and pull carts should never encounter the green. The “carpet” is usually softer than the fairway and is very susceptible to damage.


If you hit a ball that is flying to where there are people, shout 'fore!' at the top of your lungs. Shout quick and shout loud! If you hear “Fore!”, proper etiquette is to take cover as best you can.

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