What’s Happening with FootGolf in Canada?

From the tee..

Welcome to the first of a series of monthly newsletters from FootGolf Canada. We hope you will find them interesting and informative.

You might wonder – why now? Where have you been? Where did you come from?

Let me introduce myself – Don MacKay – owner, Muskoka Highlands Golf Links in Bracebridge Ontario. I brought FG to Canada as a means to diversify my golf course by attracting non-golfers to the course, with the understanding that kicking a soccer ball is somewhat less challenging hitting that little white golf ball with a metal rod holding a metal head and swinging for the fences.

Why now? Things are happening in FG that are taking it to the next level. Roberto Ballestrini of the American Foot Golf League (AFGL) is having significant impact in the US market. He is working with many sports organizations there to bring the credibility of this upstart to the Olympic level. And yes it is being noticed by the Olympic Committee. We are being monitored as a sport that has potential to join the Olympics at some point in the future. There is no commitment, just a process that we must follow.

Necessarily, this is bringing structure and organization to the FG movement.

There is a World Cup of FG in Morrocco this winter where players from around the world will compete. Many, including Canada, are sending those who have a higher level of skill and can pay their own expenses. The CFGA is in no position to be funding any travel of any sort. Perhaps as we evolve, we might get there. But everything in its own time.

To me, FG is a grass roots game that can be played by families, friends and competitors alike. We can all use the same courses and the same competitive spirit. This is somewhat clouded in golf these days with many associations choosing to focus on the elite golfer. This will not happen in FG. We are here for the masses. The elite will necessarily separate themselves from others through their play, their attendance at international events and by funding all of this from their own wallets.

We hope you are enjoying the game at the over 50 courses we have in Canada.

Our website is as current as we can make it. We will endeavour to keep it up to date as things happen.

We would be pleased to hear from you on any point of interest you might have.

Just kick it!!