Ontario FootGolf League

League Information

Format: Individual and Doubles

Period: May to October 2021

Location: Cardinal Golf Club (Kettle Creek)
17700 Jane St, King, ON L7B 0G7
Note: League may define another location in Ontario for up to 3 rounds in the individual format.

Entry Fee:
- Individual: Men - $85 CAD / Women - $50 CAD
- Doubles: $80 CAD per player
If a player registers for both individual and doubles format, there is a discount of $15 CAD.

Competition Structure
- Individual: total of 10 rounds. Each round will be played on Sundays (some dates may be moved to Saturday), twice a month. Each round will cost $35 CAD.
- Doubles: Each doubles team will arrange the match and book the tee-time in coordination with their opposing team’s schedule and course availability.

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Individual - Men
- 1st Place: $500
- 2nd Place: $300
- 3rd Place: $150
Prizes are subject to 20 players registered in the event. Prize amounts are subject to change based on the amount of players registered in the event.

Individual - Women
- 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place: Trophy
Women category must have 10 players registered, otherwise the event will be cancelled.

- 1st Place: $800
- 2nd Place: $500
- 3rd Place: $250
Doubles prizes are subject to 16 doubles teams registered in the event. Prize amounts are subject to change based on the amount of registered doubles teams for the event.


  • Played under the rules and guidelines of the FIFG.
  • Knowledge of official FootGolf rules book 2020.
  • Respect the FootGolf Code of Conduct.
  • Players must be a member of FootGolf Canada (included in the registration).
  • Individual format is Stroke Play, with traditional start and 18 holes game.
  • Doubles will be played in group stage and playoffs. Group stage: First round Alternate Shot, second round Four Ball, and third round Scramble. Playoff format will be defined later.
  • Minimum of 3 and maximum of 5 players per group.
  • Participants must wear proper FootGolf attire. Cargo pants, jeans, cut-offs, muscle shirts, track pants, tank tops, basketball shorts, or jerseys are not acceptable attire. All shirts must have collars and sleeves.
  • Each player must have their own size 5 soccer ball.
  • The tournament will be deemed playable unless the course is closed by the superintendent. In the event of a course closure, we shall try to accommodate the rescheduling of the FootGolf tournament at a new date in the same calendar year.
  • NO outside alcohol is permitted. Any players bringing their own alcohol, will have it confiscated and be requested to leave the premises without any refund. Alcohol consumption is forbidden during the tournament.
  • FootGolf Canada staff has the right to cut off an individual or group in order for us to serve responsibly and ensure the safety of all our customers and employees. FootGolf Canada has zero tolerance for any violent behavior or offensive language.

Important Information

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